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Brilliant Connect™ — PMS and PCOS Relief


Balances Hormones | Reduces Cramping | Regulates Mood Swings

Don't let PMS or PCOS put your life on hold.  

Your menstrual cycle is more than just your period. It’s a series of chemical reactions taking place in your body throughout the whole month. Stress, diet, poor sleep, pollution, and other external factors can disrupt these reactions and throw your body out of balance. These chemical imbalances can disrupt your hormones, especially during your period—leading to cramps, inflammation, lethargy, and irregular cycles.

Connect ensures that bio-signaling in your body is balanced and working the way it’s supposed to, helping to balance estrogen and regulate ovulation. Imagine a line of dominoes where a few dominoes have been pushed out of place. Connect slides them back in, putting your body back into balance and setting all those chemical reactions back on track.  

Connect helps reduce PMS & PCOS symptoms such as: 

  • Decreases irritability and mood swings
  • Corrects irregular periods
  • Reduces cramping and abdominal pain
  • Relieves headaches
  • Helps lose stubborn weight
  • Reduces hormonal acne

*Connect is most effective at reducing PMS and PCOS symptoms when taken as a daily supplement. 


Feel the Way You Were Meant to Feel

With Connect, you won’t be left wondering if it’s making a difference. You’ll feel the difference right away.

I've been taking Connect for a couple months now. Within the first week or so, I noticed my body was more awake in the mornings, and the mid-afternoon energy drop became insignificant. It's been a subtle change, but makes all the difference during my workday and on the weekends.


Since taking Brilliant Connect I haven’t had a really bad day in about two weeks. I had a lot of brain fog where I couldn't focus to get things done...but on Connect, my mind has felt clearer all day!


Just wanted to say that I love [the Connect] supplement! I have lots of energy and feel happier. Thank you. This has sort of been a life changer.


Once I’ve started taking Connect daily, I noticed that my menstrual pain has significantly reduced to a point I don’t feel it anymore. It is definitely a life changer.


I was skeptical, but after checking the ingredients carefully, decided to give Connect a try. I am 64, and within a week I felt much more energy and was able to accomplish many more things [in] a day without running short on energy.


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