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What people are saying about Brilliant supplements

I love Connect! Thank you. This has been a life changer.


Level is the first product I have used that actually made a difference in my blood sugar numbers.

Cynthia G.

My cholesterol dropped from 264 to 219 while using Control. Very impressed.

Richard K.

I am on my second month taking Control, my total cholesterol dropped from 285 to 245.

Edison D.

Defend has completely changed my life. I don't get sick anymore and it's amazing!

William M.

I started taking Connect for 2 weeks and I haven't had my period for 3 months. I finally got my period! Thank you!! I'm continuing to take it until they're gone. 

Caroline Y.

Level lowered my blood sugar without side effects!

Mahesh R.

Once I started taking Connect, I noticed that my menstrual pain has significantly reduced to a point where I don’t feel it anymore. It is definitely a life changer.

Tsz Yin C.

I have been using level to help with weight loss. I feel like it is helping as the pounds continue to drop, even though I have had some desserts:)

Sue G.