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Privacy Policy

Brilliant believes that you should have control over your data. With that in mind, Brilliant employs the following principles for collecting, sharing, and protecting the data of its users.

Collection of User Data

Brilliant collects personal information that its users agree to provide to Brilliant, including their names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and payment details. Brilliant is not responsible for any personal information its users choose to provide through its site. Brilliant also reserves the right to collect information based on user interaction with its tools, including IP address, and metadata and content of user input. By accessing Brilliant’s site, signing up for an account with Brilliant, and/or continuing to use Brilliant’s services, users agree to Brilliant’s collection of the foregoing information. At least some information collected by Brilliant is collected by storing certain information locally on user devices using “cookies.” Users agree to Brilliant’s use of cookies when accessing its site or setting up accounts with Brilliant.

Permitted Uses and Sharing of User Data

Brilliant uses the foregoing information primarily to make purchasing and receiving products from Brilliant convenient for its users. Brilliant reserves the right to inspect and review collected user information at any time and for any purpose, including monitoring for fraud, abuse, and other compliance with Brilliant’s Terms of Service.

Email addresses will be shared with a third party review collector for the purpose of customer feedback. Brilliant does not disclose any individually identifiable information without user consent to do so. However, Brilliant reserves the right to disclose individually identifiable information to third parties as required by law.

Brilliant may use information provided by its users to directly contact its users. For example, Brilliant may send email, in-app, or telephone communications to verify user identity and account control. Users may not opt out of these communications. Brilliant may also contact users with information regarding new features, discounts, and special offers on its site or in connection with third parties. Users may opt out of promotional communications using provided account settings.

Brilliant may disclose certain user information, stripped of any individually identifiable information, to third parties for the provision of advertising via its site. Shared information may include IP address and geographic information. Users may opt out of the collection and sharing of their information for ad delivery via Brilliant’s provided account settings. Any third party with whom Brilliant shares user data, as well as any related entities that will have access to user data as a result of Brilliant’s sharing, will provide the same or equal protection of user data as stated in the this Privacy Policy.

Protection of User Data

Brilliant is committed to protecting its users’ data. Brilliant uses industry-standard protocols and technology to maintain the privacy of user information designated as private. Servers used by Brilliant to store the individually identifiable information of users are maintained in a secured, supervised location. Brilliant employees are only permitted to access individually identifiable information in response to specific, limited requests and for good cause, such as to prevent fraud or abuse or in response to a valid request from law enforcement or a court order.

Data Retention

Brilliant stores relevant data, including user-provided data and Brilliant-collected data, for at least so long as a user maintains an account with Brilliant. Data pertaining to a given interaction, including personally identifiable information for users who participated in the interaction, may also be stored by Brilliant for at least so long as an interaction remains unresolved and for a reasonable period of time thereafter (e.g., up to a year and no more than five years) to ensure that relevant information regarding the interaction can be made available in the event of a refund, charge back, or fraud. Users may request deletion of data, including personally identifiable information when terminating their account with Brilliant. Brilliant retains the right to store all data necessary to complete a transaction and for a reasonable period to verify that transaction. Brilliant also reserves the right to store anonymized data stripped of all personally identifiable data following termination of a user’s account with Brilliant. Brilliant further reserves the right to store or delete data, as necessary, to comply with regulation and/or a court order.


Brilliant reserves the right to update its privacy policy at any time. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policy regularly so that they are up to date on the latest policies in effect. Users who continue to use Brilliant’s services after an update have been made to its privacy policy agree to abide by the updated policies.