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Brilliant Connect for Women's Health is now $29 per bottle! Free shipping on all orders.

✓ Decreases irritability and crying spells

✓ Reduces cramping and abdominal pain

✓ Relieves headaches

✓ Lessens muscular pain

✓ Regulates mood swings

✓ Reduces sleep problems

✓ Improves fatigue

✓ Alleviates bloating

✓ Lessens breast tenderness

✓ Soothes anxiety


✓ Corrects irregular periods

✓ Reduces hormonal acne

✓ Helps lose stubborn weight

✓ Lessens unwanted facial hair

✓ Minimizes thinning hair

✓ Relieves pelvic pain


See why women love Connect for PMS and PCOS relief

Key ingredients

"Definitely a life changer"
“I have been suffering from menstrual pain since I was young and my period was the worst part of my month. Since I started taking Connect, my menstrual pain has been significantly reduced. Since Connect is only herbal extracts, I don’t feel like I’m taking medicine. It is definitely a life changer.”

– Tsz Yin Chan

"First period in two years!"

I have struggled with PCOS for most of my life, and I had my first period in 2 years! This product is the icing on the cake to getting my hormones back in balance!

- Diane L.

Try Connect for 45 days—risk free