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Episode 1: Introduction | Discover With Dr. Dan

Posted by Manoj Perumal on

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Transcript for Episode 1 | Introduction

Dr. Dan Gubler: (00:09)

We welcome you to the first episode of Discover with Dr. Dan | The Proactive Health Podcast. I’m Dr. Dan Gubler, your host. Discovery is at the heart of the human spirit. We naturally yearn to understand more about the world around us. We travel to the most remote places on the planet to test the indomitable will of human curiosity. We set foot on other planets to demonstrate to ourselves what we are truly capable of. Embedded within our DNA is a striving to seek out the unknown. This element of discovery is on perfect display in the area of human health and performance. Society has an insatiable appetite on discovering new ways to lose weight, exercise effectively, lower cholesterol, diet successfully, grow hair, and so on. We are bombarded with sources from every conceivable angle, touting new ways to attain health. From taking a particular form of a vitamin, to eating certain types of dirt, to putting jade eggs in the vagina. With the internet allowing everyone to have a platform to voice their opinions, including many proclaiming to be health experts, how can we discern between accurate scientific information and pseudoscience?

Dr. Dan Gubler: (01:22)

The solution is to find a credible information source where health information is shared based on what is found from the most reputable scientific journals and scientists on the planet. This is a purpose of the Discover with Dr. Dan | The Proactive Health Podcast. We cut through the fluff, delivering reliable and actionable health-related information that will help all of us reach our A game. The information provided in this podcast allows us to be proactive about our health and maintain it from the very beginning, rather than going so far down the road where reactive options, which usually involves pharmaceutical drugs, are the last resort. On this podcast we’ll be tackling tough health topics and presenting accurate information in the following categories. Number one will be myth-busting about hot health trends like different diets, keto, paleo, plant-based, bean juice, et cetera.

Dr. Dan Gubler: (02:14)

We’ll be talking about intermittent fasting, detox, celery juice, placenta pills, and essential oils. Category number two, we’ll be talking about health topics of general interests such as how to choose the best supplements, tips on losing weight, which will omega-3 is the best, what to do to boost my immune system, vaccinations, mindfulness, exercising, et cetera. Category three, we’ll be talking about areas of expertise based on research done by scientists at Brilliant. For example, bio signaling, gut health, bioavailability, immune health, natural energy, sleep and longevity. Category number four is we’ll be talking about my plant hunting and discovery exploits from traveling around the world. From the vampire plant in Polynesia, insect poop tea from China, ant nest plant from Western Indonesia, psychoactive honey from Malaysia, and desert truffles from the middle East. Also, we’ll be answering questions that you have. For example, what is one of the best ways to lose weight?

Dr. Dan Gubler: (03:10)

One of the principles for losing weight is called time restrictive feeding. This is where you cut your eating time down to six or eight hours a day. So in that six or eight hours a day, you can eat two or three times a day. But what happens when we do that is we spread out the time that we’re not eating. As a result, we lower the insulin curve and that helps for losing weight and many other aspects of human health. The next question is, do I need to take supplements if I eat clean and exercise every day? I get this question a lot. So eating clean and exercising every day would be sufficient for health if we lived in a perfect world. I always hated taking physics classes where they ask you to do problems where they said, “Well, assume there’s no gravity and assume acceleration is constant,” and all these different things but that doesn’t relate to the real world. So lifestyle factors like poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, anxiety, pollution, and others, make supplementation with science-based products a necessity. Supplementation is one of the legs of a three-legged stool. I welcome you to this podcast as we journey together on this quest of discovering accurate health information that will help us live proactively and unleash our innate brilliance. Thanks for listening, my friends. This is Dr. Dan, signing off. 

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