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What Is Berberine?

Posted by Manoj Perumal on

Berberine is a highly effective bioactive chemical compound found in a variety of plants such as goldenseal, Oregon grape, phellodendron, European barbary, tree turmeric, goldthread, and a variety of shrubs known as Berberis. 

What Does Berberine Taste Like? 

Berberine is yellow in color and has a very strong bitter taste if consumed on its own. Our tablets have a yellow coating to pay homage to the original color of the berberine—but are formulated so you never get a hint of the bitter taste. 

How Does Berberine Work? 

Berberine is a very powerful bioactive compound that travels through your bloodstream to your body’s cells. Once inside your cells, berberine works by binding to different molecules and activating the AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) that regulates your metabolism. 

Benefits of Berberine

Aside from being a naturally sourced compound. Berberine is also believed to have many health benefits. Here are some of the main health benefits of berberine.

1. Lowers Cholesterol

Berberine lowers LDL cholesterol levels by ensuring the proper function of the LDL receptors that line the cell and are responsible for shuttling cholesterol from the bloodstream into the cell.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar

Berberine is very effective at helping individuals who are diabetic and pre-diabetic regulate their blood glucose levels. It helps regulate glucose by decreasing insulin resistance in the body, decreasing sugar production in your liver, increasing good bacteria in your gut, increasing the breakdown of sugar in your body, and slowing carbohydrate breakdown in the body.

Where Do We Source Our Berberine? 

Our berberine comes from the Phellodendron amurense tree. This medicinal tree, rich in many different bioactive compounds, is native to Asia.

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