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What Is Milk Thistle?

Posted by Scott Griffeth on
What Is Milk Thistle?

Traditionally, milk thistle has been used to treat liver and gallbladder problems and disorders. Today, milk thistle is used in a number of natural and home remedies to tackle high cholesterol, diabetes, heartburn, dyspepsia, gallbladder problems, and more.

Studies have shown how silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, can be used for preventing toxic substances from binding to cells in your liver. In emergency situations and server circumstances, medication prescribed from a doctor may prove most effective—however, supplementing milk thistle is an excellent, natural way to promote positive changes in your health with daily use. 

Although we are still learning more about milk thistle, some studies have found that milk thistle can lower blood sugar levels for people with diabetes, treat acne, boost healthy breast milk production, assist in the efficacy of chemotherapy cancer treatments, resist age-related decline in brain function, and help manage cholesterol levels.

Milk Thistle and Cholesterol

Cholesterol plays an interesting role in your body’s health. While there are a lot of negative perceptions of cholesterol it is not necessarily something to avoid. Our bodies need cholesterol, however, too much cholesterol can lead to complications and health problems like heart disease. If you want to learn more about cholesterol, check out our Myths and Facts About Cholesterol.

Milk thistle is a key ingredient in Brilliant Control, our cholesterol support supplement, because of its many properties that support healthy, balanced cholesterol levels. 

Your body needs healthy levels of cholesterol, which can prove very difficult without assistance. That is what makes Brilliant Control an invaluable tool for maintaining your health. Each capsule contains natural ingredients and is clinically proven to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. Milk thistle is used for many different health benefits, and it is a safe, natural way to improve your health.

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