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5 Tips to Manage Diabetes During Halloween

There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning colors, and it’s getting darker earlier, which means Halloween is on the horizon. While we’re excited for the costumes, the movies, and all of the other fun that the holiday brings, it can also cause some anxiety for those who are diabetic. Candy is a […]

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Halloween Candy Options for Diabetics

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a holiday full of spooky decor, creative costumes, and of course, candy. But for someone who is diabetic, Halloween can be a little tricky due to these sweet treats. If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels are already high, which means that adding more sugar to your system can […]

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4 Common Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of diseases that cause your body’s blood sugar to be too high. It’s estimated that about 30.3 million people have diabetes, yet there are still a lot of misconceptions about this disease. As a result, a lot of people feel surprised when they’re diagnosed with diabetes, or are confused about how […]

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What Is Lycopene?

Lycopene is a natural compound and carotenoid that provides red pigmentation to the foods it is in. Some of the best sources of lycopene are found in fruits and vegetables including:  Tomatoes Pink Grapefruit Pink Guava Watermelon Red Bell Peppers Mangos.  Lycopene is also an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and […]

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9 Signs of High Blood Sugar You Need to Know

Do you have high blood sugar? If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that having high blood glucose levels may be an indicator of something more serious down the road. While it’s not always possible to tell if you have elevated blood glucose levels without testing, there are some major symptoms to watch for. So, […]

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When Should You Check Your Cholesterol?

Cholesterol. A word that many of us have heard, but may not fully understand. If you haven’t given a lot of thought to your cholesterol levels, it’s never too late to start! While a few people show physical symptoms of high cholesterol, the majority of people don’t show any signs of having it. That’s why […]

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How Does Genetics Affect Cholesterol?

When it comes to personal health, there are a lot of actions we can take to keep our bodies in top shape — exercise, getting sleep, annual checkups, proper nutrition, and more. While all of those are essential elements for staying healthy, it’s important to remember that there are parts of our health that are […]

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What is Berberine?

Berberine is a highly effective bioactive chemical compound found in a variety of plants such as goldenseal, Oregon grape, phellodendron, European barbary, tree turmeric, goldthread, and a variety of shrubs known as Berberis.  What Does Berberine Taste Like?  Berberine is yellow in color and has a very strong bitter taste if consumed on its own. […]

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Myths and Facts About Cholesterol

If you’re reading this you’re probably aware that cholesterol is an important measure of your health, especially as you get older. What you may not know is that cholesterol is the number 1 leading cause of death for both men and women of nearly every ethnic and racial group in the US. It’s a major […]

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