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Brilliant Defend™ — Immune Boost


Boosts Immunity | Kills Bacteria | Promotes Gut Health

Immune Support

The best defense is a good offense. Brilliant Defend is the only proactive way to turbocharge your immune system by cutting off bad bacteria’s communication so it can’t gang up on you.

How does it work? Our bodies are filled with trillions of bacteria. Some are good. Some are very bad. Those bad bacteria can cause damage to the body by something called quorum sensing. A nutshell, it means the more that they chat, the more power they have to cause trouble. Defend intercepts that chatter, cutting off their ability to multiply, causing them to die off.

Don't Wait to Feel Bad to Feel Good

Defend is a daily measure you can take to stay healthy so you don’t get sidelined by the sniffles.

I’m usually out for the count every other week during fall and winter, but I’ve felt amazing for the last few months!