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Brilliant Enhance™ — Bioavailability & Absorption


Improves Absorption | Supercharges Nutrition | Optimizes Cell Function

Supercharge the nutrition from the food you already eat. Brilliant Enhance helps you absorb more of the good things you put in your body by promoting regulation of your cell’s efflux pumps with our patent-pending MDR technology.

How does it work? Every cell in the human body has efflux pumps that are used to pump out harmful substances. Things like stress, lack of sleep, diet, and pollution can cause these pumps to malfunction and pump out good stuff (like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients) instead. Enhance helps regulate these faulty pumps, keeping more of the good stuff you need in your cells.

Get the Most Good from the Good Stuff

Enhance your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients so none of your healthy choices go to waste.